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SV 5R StickVac Pro 3000

SV 5R StickVac Pro 3000
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Price: £79.99
Availability: In Stock
Model: SV 5R StickVac Pro 3000
Manufacturer: efbe-schott

The StickVac Pro 3000 is a terrific cordless rechargeable vac for use in hand-held or in upright. Why 3000? Because the roller brush in the floor too spins at a mighty 3000 rpm, cleaning and sweeping like a full sized vac. Weighing in at just 1.1 kgs for the handheld part and just 2.3 kgs overall, it's unbelievable that something so light can deliver so much cleaning power.

Featuring Ni-Mh power pack for fast charging and 24/7 connection, it's ready all the time for you. There's a handy charging base for neat storage, and the two tools for hand-held use (crevice and floorbrush) stow neatly on that charging base.

It's the perfect companion vacuum cleaner and its dust canister capacity of 800ml combined with power of 90W means it's Light, Easy and Powerful.

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