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SC 18C 12-in-1 Steam Mop Transformer II

SC 18C 12-in-1 Steam Mop Transformer II
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Price: £79.99
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Model: SC 18C Steam Mop Transformer II 12-in-1
Manufacturer: efbe-schott

The Steam Mop Transformer revolution continues with the new 12-in-1 Steam Mop Transformer II - the steam mop that transforms from upright to hand-held with one simple transformation! And folds down for easy storage, too.

Featuring a lo-calc 1500W boiler and pump system, it deliver a massive steam blast to clean and help sanitise in and around your home. This is our flagship steam mop and it features 12-in-1 capability as well as a best-in-class 7-metres of powercord giving you the confidence to tackle almost any cleaning job without having to change power sockets.

You can use it hand-held or in upright format, and the 12-in-1 capabilities comprise:

. upright use on hard floors with cloth pad fitted

. upright use on carpet with the carpet glider

. upright use with bare head (for spot stain lifting)

. hand-held use with window squeegee

. hand-held use with garment steamer and cloth bonnet

. hand-held use with scraper

. hand-held use with concentrator

. hand-held use with angle detail tool

. hand-held use with small brush

. hand-held use with big brush

. hand-held use with garment/upholstery brush

. hand-held use with flexible steam hose

..... and all the attachments can be used with or without the flexi hose.

The water tank detaches - so you can take it to the tap during filling. And you have illuminated water tank, the lights changing colour dependent on whether the Steam Mop is heating or is ready; additionally, you can adjust the steam flow for delicate or heavy duty steam cleaning.

The triangle head cleans into corners and has a universal joint for cleaning in the most awkward of places.

It's equipped with the 2 heavy duty cloth mops and 1 carpet glider for steam cleaning on low pile carpets and floor tiles, as well as the class beating 7-metres of powercord and myriad of small tools as described above.

Steam cleaning has never been easier.